rainy days and you

Friday, April 20th, 2007 at 12:36 am

–by Karimata feat. Phil Perry

each time I see those thick dark clouds
I used to smile and make a wish
that it would turn.. turn to rain
because I know that I would watch
for you to play under the rain

but now when rainy days are here
I feel so blue ’cause I can’t hear
all your laughter in the falling rain
and it brings sadness to my heart
knowing that you’ve gone from my side..

since that rainy days and you make a symphony
the rain without you makes the blues
happy days and you will always be right here to stay
where the rainy day brings me back
brings me back into your arms

lagu melow yang enak buat didengerin pas mendadak gloomy…

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  1. aihh.. meuni sedih pisan laguna.. lagi kenapa atuh ini teh??

    aku ada kok disini.. wakakakaka (lol)

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